Loyle Carner, real name Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner, is a British rapper and songwriter who was born in London in 1994. His musical journey began when he became intensely involved with hip-hop and was inspired by artists such as Nas and MF Doom. Carner first attracted attention in 2014 with his EP “A Little Late” and quickly developed his own introspective style. His 2017 debut album “Yesterday’s Gone” garnered praise for its honest lyrics and Carner’s skillful flow. In addition to music, Loyle Carner is also involved with charities and advocates for issues such as mental health. His second album “Not Waving, But Drowning” from 2019 cemented his reputation as an influential artist who combines personal stories with musical sophistication. With his extraordinary career, Loyle Carner remains a rising star in the British hip-hop scene.

SA 24.08.