Eileen Alister is a 21-year-old emerging singer-songwriter from Zurich. She has caught attention with her singles and collaborations like “I want…” with Benjamin Amaru and “Voices” with Ddp and Lii, amassing over 2.8 million streams. Her journey from singing since childhood, to sharing covers on YouNow and YouTube, led to her discovery and debut release “Sapphire Blue.” Meeting producer-singer ZID in May 2023, she redefined her sound, preparing for an upcoming EP, now working independently. Writing songs about raw emotions and experiences, Eileen aims to connect and heal through music, drawing from varied influences including Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Amy Winehouse, blending traditional and modern elements. Aspiring beyond Switzerland, Eileen is set for breakthrough with ambition, new music, and authentic projects.

FR 23.08.