Uncompromisingly direct to the ear and heart – Mimiks has become an integral part of the local rap landscape and the charts. With “VodkaZombieRambogang”, the Lucerne native shot to the top of the official Swiss album charts around nine years ago. Only to do so again in the following years. LCone’s most recent successes are not without precedent either. Mimik’s companion has already racked up over three million streams with his smash hit “Saurus”. In any case, a look back over the past few years should be moving for both rappers. A musical rollercoaster ride turned into a deep friendship.

And what has long been rumored in the scene is now a reality. Mimiks and LCone will release their first full-length album together in 2024. Straight rap meets humor meets biting meets melody – does that fit? And how. And not only that, anyone who has ever been to one of their concerts knows: the live show is brutal and the demolition is more than guaranteed.

SA 31.08.