Martin Garrix is a world-renowned Dutch DJ and producer who has revolutionized the music scene with his unique electronic sound. Born on May 14, 1996 in Amstelveen, he started producing his music in his teens and made a name for himself in the EDM scene. Garrix is known for his infectious tracks, which span a wide range of genres including progressive house, electro and future bass. His breakthrough came in 2013 with the hit “Animals”, which stormed the charts worldwide and brought him international recognition. Since then, he has produced numerous hits and collaborated with renowned artists such as Usher, Dua Lipa and Bebe Rexha. With energetic live performances and an impressive sense of melody and rhythm, Martin Garrix has established himself as one of the leading figures in electronic music. His influence on the EDM scene is undeniable, and his commitment to innovation and quality makes him one of the most sought-after DJs in the world.

FR 23.08.