KAFFKIEZ are a bit like the guys in your neighborhood you always like to go out with. Their music is all about having a good time, be it with buttons in your ear in S1 or when 120 decibels at a live concert save you a trip to the hairdresser. The band’s sound is like a drunken summer night with your soulmates, with whom you can not only get completely fucked up but also share your deepest worries. The songs sing about the ups and downs of everyday life, garnished with the typical kaffkiez irony and without losing sight of social problems.

The band’s live concerts belong on the to-do list of all adrenaline junkies and mosh pit heroes. The boys’ third tour in March 2024 is already almost completely sold out. With their new album EKSTASE on 26.01.2024, the guys deliver a tightly packed package of unmistakable KAFFKIEZ earworms and exciting new musical sides of a band that have firmly established themselves on Germany’s stages.

SA 31.08.