Recognized as the “Queen of R&B” in the Swiss music scene, Naomi Lareine is making waves as one of the most promising voices in the country. Originating from Zurich, the young singer is carving out her path as an avant-garde artist, celebrating the evolution of traditional R&B. Naomi distinguishes herself through a blend of gentle melodies, powerfully executed riffs, and smooth vocal delivery. Whether infusing electronic Two-Step influences as seen in “In Love with a Gangster,” or experimenting with “Future Beats” in tracks like “Fall In,” the trendsetter is asserting herself as the Queen of R&B in the Swiss music scene with a unique blend of individuality, courage, and grace. Since 2019, Naomi Lareine has firmly established herself in the music scene and made waves with the releases of Songs as “Issa Vibe”, which solidified her reputation as a dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking artist. Her recognition reached new heights with a nomination for the Swiss Music Awards 2020 in the “SRF 3 Best Talent” category. In 2022 she showcased her talents in the third season of “Sing meinen Song”, embarked on a successful summer tour and released her much-anticipated EP “Girl Next Door”. Beyond her musical accomplishments, Naomi fearlessly advocates for a better world, actively supporting human rights, women’s rights, and societal acceptance for all. Acknowledging her platform as a voice for diversity, she passionately celebrates individualism

FR 23.08.