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Ticket Information


Be it a Day Pass, a VIP Ticket or a Camping Voucher: An overview of additional ticket information can be found here.

Camping Voucher

The CHF 10.00 Camping Voucher entitles you to access the camping area and stay overnight in a friend’s tent (see Tent & Camping Voucher). If still available, Camping Vouchers can also be purchased at the Pay Desk.

Purchase Tent & Camping Vouchers and Camping Vouchers from January 2019.

The camping voucher is valid ONLY in combination with a festival ticket. It is not possible to get to the campsite the night before, even if all concerts are over.

Other ticket agencies

In the web shop and all ticket agencies of Starticket
In the web shop of Festicket

Tent & Camping Voucher

The Tent & Camping Voucher costs CHF 35.00. This includes the camping area entrance fee for one person (CHF 10.00), a fee for pitching up a tent (CHF 20.00) and a deposit for a waste bag (CHF 5.00). When returning a full waste bag during check-out, you will get CHF 5.00 back. We will provide you and your friends with 12m² of space per Tent & Camping Voucher (4 x 3m).

Ticket Control

All tickets are electronically checked and validated at the entrance. Illegally bought or copied tickets will be blocked before the event and you will not get in! The organizer declines any liability for tickets that have not been purchased through the official sales channels.

Tickets on-site

Tickets and Camping Voucher are available from 13:30 (24/7) on-site. Outside the pay desk opening hours at the campsite entrance.

There is no late night rate.

VIP Ticket

The VIP Ticket offers you the following benefits:

  • Separate VIP entrance
  • Access to the covered VIP stage with excellent view of the main stage
  • VIP bar
  • VIP garden with lounge area
  • Separate sanitary facilities

VIP Tickets are very limited. Purchase your VIP Ticket from January 2019. VIP tickets are only available in the pre-sale.