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General Festival information

First aid

Qualified first-aiders will be on site day and night during the event. The first aid tent is situated behind the Tent Stage and will be clearly signposted.

Impairment of health by volume

The visitor is aware that the ZÜRICH OPENAIR is particularly loud in front of the stages and that there is a risk of possible damage to health, especially hearing damage. The organiser will ensure that the visitor is not harmed by the sound level due to suitable technical equipment and volume limitation. However, regardless of this, it is strongly recommended that you use earplugs, especially when staying close to the speakers. 

Free ear plugs will be available at every bar and at the information point. We also recommend packing some ear plugs/defenders for younger children. The Event Organiser will not be liable for any injury or damage to your hearing.

Location Festival Site

Flughofstrasse 21
Zürich, Switzerland


You don’t know where the main stage is? Here you find the map

Sanitary facilities

The camping area includes flushing toilets and warm showers (which can be used free of charge by camping guests). The showers are open from 6 am – 4 pm.

Storage lockers

A limited number of storage lockers (CHF 2.00 a time) will be available at the camping area and on the festival site. Naturally, the principle of «first-come-first-served» also applies here.

Wheelchair users

A platform will be available for wheelchair users and their carers to enjoy the event to the full. Furthermore, there will be specially designated toilets. Since ZÜRICH OPENAIR takes place outdoors in a field, we cannot guarantee that all of the site will be suitable for wheelchairs at all times as this will be weather dependant.

Wheelchair users and their carers need a regular ticket.