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Festival rules and regulations


We abide by legal rules and statutory regulations:

  • No distribution of alcohol to persons under the age of 16
  • No distribution of spirits to persons under the age of 18

Age checks will already be carried out at the exchange points (+16 /+18) – please note that you will not be allowed onto the site without an official identification document, such as an ID card, passport or driving licence. Please also note that GA travelcards, Half-fare travelcards and student ID cards do not count as official ID documents.


Animals are prohibited at the festival.

Banned Objects

As displayed on the poster, all types of spray cans, spray deodorants, etc. are banned on the festival site and at the camping area and will be confiscated on entry and scrapped.

Bringing drinks to the camping area

You may bring three litres or less of drinks to the camping site for personal consumption. All containers are allowed apart from glass bottles, which are strictly prohibited. Tap water that is safe to drink will also be available from the sanitary facilities.

Crowd surfing

Crowd surfing is forbidden due to the risk of injury.


The security police of the Canton of Zürich will be responsible for checking for drugs at the festival.

Photos / Videos / Selfie sticks

The use of professional photographic, video and recording equipment is not allowed on the festival site. Small digital cameras without detachable lenses and mobile phones are, however, permitted. Selfie sticks are not allowed on the festival site. No live performances may be recorded.


The Event Organiser shall not accept liability for any theft of your goods or personal belongings. Police and security staff will be operating in all areas of the festival site throughout the event. If a problem arises, report it to our security staff immediately. Always comply with any and all instructions given to you by security staff.