Camping opening hours

The campsite is open from Tuesday, August 23, 15.00 o’clock till Sunday, August 28, 12.00 o’clock. Camping guests have – with the relevant day ticket – access to the campsite from 12 o’clock. Check out time: 11 o’clock.

Camping Tickets (Info & Prices)

Buy a Camping Ticket now. With it you can set up a 2-person or 3-person igloo tent on the camping area of the ZOA and spend the night in it. The provided area per tent is max. 6m² (3x2m), with a total of 3 persons. For reasons of safety and ecology no pagoda tents are allowed.

Camping Ticket prices:
1 day = 30 CHF per tent space
2 days = 50 CHF per tent space
3 days = 60 CHF per tent space
4 days = 70 CHF per tent space
5 days = 75 CHF per tent space

For ecological reasons: In addition, there is a garbage and tent deposit of 20 CHF, which is payable on site. This will be refunded upon return of a full trash bag at check-out and when the tent is taken away again. 

Camping Tickets are only valid in combination with a festival ticket for the corresponding day(s). It is not possible to access the campsite on the evening before.

If still available, Camping Tickets can also be purchased at the box office (10 CHF more than in advance)

Click here to buy a Camping Ticket


A limited number of storage lockers are available at the camping area and can be used for CHF 5.00. Important: Payment must be made in cash.

Charge your Cell Phone with the Powerbanks from Chimpy

Once again this year, Chimpy’s Powerbanks can be hired. These are available at the Chimpy stand in the market area and at the camping bar.

Sanitary facilities

Flushing toilets and warm showers (which can be used free of charge by camping guests) are available in the camping area. A cleaning crew ensures clean facilities around the clock.

Bringing beverages to the camping area

A maximum of 3 litres of beverages per person may be brought to the campsite once. All containers except glass bottles are permitted. Safe drinking water will be available at the sanitary facilities.

Camper / Van / Caravan

The camping area is limited and the designated area is exclusively for tents. Therefore, it is not permitted to camp with a camper van, van or caravan.

Banned objects

The following items are prohibited on the festival grounds:

  • Pavilion tent
  • All forms of spray cans and spray deodorants, glass (also deodorants with glass).
  • All firearms, spray weapons, stabbing weapons, percussive weapons, and also other objects and weapons of all kinds classified as dangerous, including knives
  • Pyrotechnic items such as fireworks, flammable liquids, petards, dry ice, etc.
  • Gas cookers, grill, fire bowls, etc.
  • Straw (bales) and similar products, sofas, armchairs and other furniture and household goods.
  • Laser pointers, drones, selfie sticks, professional video and photo equipment
  • Megaphones, speakers
  • Drugs and illegal substances
  • Animals
  • Bicycles, strollers, skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates

A maximum of 3 litres of beverages in PET or cans per person may be brought to the campsite once.