Us & sparkles is a musical producer duo from Zurich consisting of Roland Vollenweider aka steinklopfer and Philipp Cron aka paws. Their music speaks of love. A love which is pure, undefiled and unconditional! The electronica project just released their newest EP „damn rich 3“. On it, fluffy pranks mingle candidly and evoke a new attitude for established sentiments. With  the  „damn  rich“  series,  they  regularly release  excerpts  of  their  instrumental collection emphasizing that they are infamous for their deep basslines such as flattering harmonies. Us & sparkles’ precise grooves are key elements of the mood in their musical pursues. Their latest EP commences with „Your Window“, a refreshing recipe for stimulating movement, moves with „I’ll Take That Richter“ to energetic silence and closes in quite grandeur with „Wan Chai Night“. The full album of us & sparkles „You Are About To Hack Time“ will be released this September. We may already be hearing some of their new tunes at ZURICH OPENAIR.