At a time when visibility on the Internet and search engine positioning is key to a band’s success, the group TRUE remains utterly un-goggleable. True are a Swiss Future R&B duo consisting of Daniela Sarda (vocals) and Rico Baumann (drums & production). Despite the ongoing digital blackout, the groups fan base is growing exponentially. In the UK their songs continue to appear on BBC 1 and BBC 6 playlists, thanks to the support of on-air personalities such as Huw Stephens and Lauren Laverne. In roughly a year’s time, with a single EP and a handful of tracks to their name, TRUE have positioned themselves as one of Switzerland’s key electronica exports and a project that those in “the know” are keeping an eye on. Their much anticipated debut album „Wrapped In Air“ combines forward-thinking electronica with vintage pop. The sound of TRUE is glossy and warm with chilled ambient textures and trappy beats coursing beneath.