Back in the days the four band members of The Kooks, all with messy hair and a sweaty rock nonchalance, met at the Brighton Institute of Modern Art. It was then, when they discovered they shared similar musical tastes. Shortly after playing their first gigs on campus they went on a world tour as the support act of the Rolling Stones. Not only did The Kooks win the hearts of the girls but likewise of the critics because of their honest music rich with pure emotion. Their bubbling basslines, scratchy slivers of guitar, deliciously syncopated handclaps and percussion such as jazzy keyboard solos which are all cleverly combined on their latest album „Listen“ reveal a musically broadened side of the band. The Kook’s catchy melodies and hit singles such as „Naïve“ and „She Moves In Her Own Way“ make us feel the urge to sing along. After the British indie rock band completely dismantled the ZURICH OPENAIR-stage in 2015, we just had to have them back for this year’s festival.

THU   MAIN STAGE 19:30 - 20:30