What happened to the life of Sascha Braemer in the last few years? The answer to that question is: Quite a lot! After his international hit „Caje“, which he released with Niconé and the launch of his own record label Whatiplay things changed drastically. Instead of dreamy weekends in his hometown Berlin, he plays gigs in venues all around the globe, from Paris to New York and all the way to São Paulo. Now he headlines festivals, at which he pushed to the first row to see all the acts when he was younger. The collaboration-album with Niconé „Romantic Thrills“ such as the follow-up hits for Oliver Kolezki’s record label Stil Vor Talent created a huge buzz among his fans. People all around the world dance to his tracks like „People“ or „You“. To enchant the crowd on the dance floor has been his mission for quite some time now and somehow his mission turned into a never-ending frenzy. On his current album „No Home“ he reveals his feelings, merging melancholy, euphoria, moments of joy and restlessness into one piece of art. Sascha Braemer creates an universe of diverse sounds, melodies, tunes and grooves making his music distinctive. Don’t miss Sascha Braemer and his fresh tracks at ZURICH OPENAIR.