In their 10-year career the Australian dance rockers Pendulum released three studio albums. „Hold Your Colour“ in 2005 was an upfront mix of drum and bass and electro rock and made them appear on the public radar. That epoch defining album marked the beginning of the so called Pendulum sound and sold over 300’000 copies worldwide. In 2008 their follow up album „In Silico“ scaled new heights before their third album „Immersion“ which was released in 2010 went straight in at number 1 of the Official UK Album Charts, which assured their place in the dance music hall of fame. All of their headline shows in Switzerland were completely sold out. Having disbanded in 2012 to concentrate on individual projects, Pendulum reform in 2017 harnessing the experience of this period away to develop an innovative new dimension for their „Live“ domain. This is one of the most talked about appearances at any festival this summer. We are delighted to have Pendulum Live at this year’s ZURICH OPENAIR.

THU   TENT STAGE 22:45 - 00:00