There is no time for a breather with the band One Sentence. Supervisor from a suburb of Zurich called Baden! The band members grew up in the shadows of the city, a place where they developed their unique sound. They play hymnal psychedelic Krautpop music, which is a a blend of motor-driven drums, snarling bass-lines, shimmering and layered guitars. Their music is the answer to feelings of alienation and anxiety produced by our ever-accelerating world. One Sentence. Supervisor manage to face the ticking of the clocks by stretching time and cleverly adding dimensions of emptiness to complete their sound. Their first album „This Heavy Sea“ is a self-contained sonic cosmos bursting with energy. After being on tour for three years, among appearances in Hungary and China, the band returned to their rehearsal room – without closing the doors. They gave the public an insight into their musical process in recording while playing music together and releasing whatever they thought was the truth of the moment. Their project „Temporär Musik“ skips the tiring process of getting a piece polished for the market and merges into their second album „Temporär Musik 1-13“. One Sentence. Supervisor is an act to watch and a great live band.

SAT   TENT STAGE 15:00 - 16:00