Nicolas Jaar belongs to one of the least predictable and most experimental composers and producers of the electronic music scene. The New York-based musician of Chilean origin’s released an epoch-defining debut album called „Space Is Only Noise“ in 2011, which made him one of the leading figures in innovative electronic music. Since then Nicolas Jaar continuously releases remixes for the likes of Brian Eno and Florence + The Machine, produces Soundtracks and EPs. He collaborated with the guitarist Dave Harrington for Darkside, one of the most captivating projects of the last years, showing his talent in combining analogue and electronic sounds. He includes contrasts into his compositions, swaying between silence and noise, with one foot in the acoustic world and the other firmly planted in the synthetic. In 2016 he released his album „Sirens“ on his own label „Other People“, which was a huge critical success. There is a lot to discover while listening to the album. Nicolas Jaar’s tracks range from downtempo to upbeat indebted to jazz over cumbia as well as minimal techno revealing his talent for creating innovative music. His tracks include lyrics in Spanish such as English but one thing is certain, Nicolas Jaar creates his very own futuristic musical language. Songs such as „Time For Us“, „Mi Mujer“ or „El Bandido“ belong to the playlist of every outdoor party. Nicolas Jaar will spread tons of summer and dance vibes at ZURICH OPENAIR, putting everybody in the mood for a dance! We can’t wait for Nicolas Jaar’s solo comeback, after his ZOA-festival appearance with Darkside in 2014.

FRI   TENT STAGE 00:45 - 02:00