Infested with the virus of the pulsing club scene of Berlin, it wasn’t long until Magit Cacoon relocated herself from her hometown Tel Aviv to the ever vibrant city of Berlin. Due to her stunning performance behind the decks and her sense of melodic thrills the DJ and producer quickly made herself a name in the nightlife of Berlin. The performer and fashion designer’s first single „Voyage 34“ was released on her own record label Girl Scout founded in 2011. With her follow-up release „A Place To Dream About“ things really started to gain momentum. House legend Ian Pooley contributed a remix for her single „More Than Time“ and the Danish DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke crafted some of her tracks. Magit Cacoon mesmerizes the audience within seconds with her coolness and the rare combination of charisma and a trained ear for emerging trends. This vision fully unfolds on Magit Cacoon’s first ever long play album „Other Dimension“. A seductive yet playful statement of a matured and fully grown artistic mind, which shines through even more in the use of her most natural and most intimate instrument- her own voice. The air mile collecting DJ is stopping by at ZURICH OPENAIR with her dancefloor-spirit and vast underground sound.