Rooted in the flourishing electronic scene of Leipzig the young producer and DJ better known as Lexer has quickly become a musical force. He followed his instincts and pure euphoria, soon finding himself behind the decks, approaching the art of DJ’ing from a perspective that has only to be described as freeform and open minded. His first EP „Dream & Love“ put Lexer on the map for a broader fanbase far beyond the inner circle of electronic music heads. Lexer’s music sets are intuitive, melodious, harmonic and most of all he is never afraid to mix in pop related elements, string sections and vocals. He successfully follows his very own path doing his own thing: Pleasing crowds around the world receiving plenty of love from dedicated party people. To meet the rising demand for more of his sound being released to the circuit Lexer has set up his very own record label Wild Animals Records. Both to remain in full control over his music but also to provide a platform for those sharing his musical vision of club music beyond any genre borders. His label will provide a home to his sophomore album „Against The Current“ which is scheduled for release this summer. We can’t wait.