Neon colours, fresh beats and a nonchalant stage presence: The „new attraction“ is called Jessiquoi ! Her music is is often compared to artists such as M.I.A and Die Antwoord. Hailing from Australia and now based in Berne, Switzerland, she is mixing up the local scene. The producer and looping artist uses elements of electronic and pop creates her very own mix of techno house, dancehall and rap. In neon colours and wild make-up Jessiquoi arrives on stage with a quirky wooden cart and blinking gadgets making her appear as a DIY-queen. Jessiquoi loops all her beats on the fly and accompanies them with her own energetic dance and alluring vocals. She continues to compose and produce new material and is currently working on her debut album giving us a taste with her brand new single “The Rebel”. The picture of her wild glowing neon appearance such as her original music with live vocals will not get out of your head. Welcome to ZURICH OPENAIR Jessiquoi !