Jeans For Jesus, the Bern-based band, is hailed as the next big thing. With their first self-titled album, which is held in the Swiss German language, they carved out a niche! When the band members are not working for a publishing company, for the Federal Administration, in theatre or as a graphic designer throughout the day, they deliver unforgettable live performances in clubs and at festivals. Their follow-up album „PRO“ takes Jeans For Jesus’ modern electronic pop to a higher level and cleverly wrap sweet pop hymns and dripping lyrics of wisdom around the sound. Sometimes Jeans For Jesus sing in French, which proves they cross the borders of the „Röstigraben“ (humorous cultural boundary between German-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland). Their music consists of global inspired pop and catchy melodies. Jeans For Jesus are anything but mainstream. They make music for the „post cool kids“ and immediately touch the hearts of their listeners.