HVOB & Winston Marshall

HVOB are Anna Müller and Paul Wallner, a producer duo from Vienna. They have established themselves on the international electronic music scene not just with their releases, but more significantly as a live act as well. HVOB‘s second album “Trialog” was released last year and continues to attract unwavering international interest with over a 100 concerts in countries in all five continents. In between their stays in hotels, at airports and gigs on stage HVOB still find time to produce new music. Their third album „Slik“, which was released this March, was a collaboration with Winston Marshall, the guitarist of Mumford & Sons. HVOB’s live performances include drums such as a spectacular light and visual show. Impatiently we await their festival appearance at ZURICH OPENAIR when they take electronic club tunes and wrap them into a sonic atmosphere joined by Anna’s angel-like voice. Winston Marshall will be joining them on the ZOA-stage.