Debrah Scarlett is the 23-year-old young talent, who is coming into full bloom! The Swiss-Norwegian artist crafts an entire musical wold taking the experience of a childhood spent traveling. Although she spoke several languages from a very young age, she never seemed to perfect any of them. Music became her language. It enabled Debrah Scarlett to truly express herself. She makes the kind of music that speaks to human condition with all the memories, nightmares, dreams and stories that come with it. Music that sets Debrah Scarlett apart from the typical mainstream pop music currently associated with Scandinavian countries reminding of the likes of Aurora or Angel Olson. With her debut single „Cynical Youth“ her breathlessly beautiful voice invites the listeners to enter the world of Debrah Scarlett. At the beginning of this year she released her fist EP „Dys(u)topia“ presenting powerful songs, showing her talent as a vocalist and songwriter. We desperately want to enter the musical world of Debrah Scarlett and have the chance to do so at this year’s ZURICH OPENAIR.

WED   TENT STAGE 16:45 - 17:30