The long wait is finally over – Brooklyn-based indie-rock band Beach Fossils return with their new album „Somersault“. What used to be Dustin Payseur’s solo project evolved into a trio known for their Lo-Fi and dream-pop-sound: Their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut was released in 2010, their sophomore album „Clash The Truth“ reached the indie album charts top 40. Musically, „Somersault“ marks a new beginning – the band’s songwriting has developed to be more refined and the album sees a collaboration with Slowdive singer Rachel Goswell. The record evokes images of mild summer nights tingling with excitement, the songs manage to capture a mixture of promise and sorrow. Piano, harpsichord, flute, saxophone and strings build a multilayered texture which is being accompanied by poigant and candid lyrics. We are looking forward to the new album and can’t wait for the band’s magic to make the air buzz at Zurich Openair.

THU   TENT STAGE 18:30 - 19:30