The Zurich born artist Anna Känzig bewitches us from the very first note with her unique and clear voice. Her debut album „Four Acres and No Horse“ was based on jazzy chords and rhythms, whereas her follow-up album „Slideshow Seasons“ lead her into the direction of folk music. After a creative break Anna Känzig is back with her third album „Sound & Fury“ and shows us a hidden side. Her sound ist still dreamy and mesmerizing but this time there is more bass and more drive such as a reduced and electronic instrumentalisation. Anna Känzig’s new sound is compared to timeless dream pop. Her songs are sometimes soft and sometimes wild, but always full of soul. We look forward to having Anna Känzig on our stage in her home town Zürich with her wonderful mid-tempo pop.

SAT   TENT STAGE 17:00 - 18:00