ZURICH OPENAIR is within reach

To start off the month august on a good note we have some musical news: 14 further acts will be joining our wide-ranging lineup. The pleasant Zürich-based pop-trio Baba Shrimps will officially be opening the festival on the main stage. In addition the dialect rapper and poet Manillio will prove that he was born to perform.
Furthermore the national Future R&B-duo TRUE such as politpol-producer Noga Erez from Tel Aviv will mesmerize with their profound sound, with chilled ambient textures and trappy beats coursing beneath.

And last but not least the acts What So Not, Avalon Emerson, Daniel Avery, Biru, Goldfinger Brothers, Lesk, YENI, Nicolas Haelg, Lara Valentina and 3Hunna6 will make sure the festival attendees show their dance moves and have a good time.   

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