A new set of acts confirmed for ZURICH OPENAIR

As promised last week, here are the new acts joining our lineup!

One woman, with so many sounds: Jessiquoi! The looping artist will present a show full of neon and fresh beats. The DJ and producer Magit Cacoon from Tel Aviv brings the heat to the festival in her exclusive mix of emerging trends and dancefloor-vibes. Furthermore the Leipzig export and floorfiller Lexer will be on stage with his pop-infused house groove. Sascha Braemer will create an entire universe of sounds for us, presenting fresh tunes and tracks, perfect for a hot summer evening! We also have Phantogram, the dream pop duo from New York with their mesmerizing futuristic and spherical soundscapes such as the producer duo us & sparkles infamous for flattering harmonies, precise grooves and energetic silence, new on the bill. And last but not least the charming Debrah Scarlett will be joining us. The young talent will take us on a musical journey with her powerful voice and as eclectic sound.

Have a listen to our newly confirmed acts!

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